Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Cabbage trees , natives, very beautiful and quintessentially "New Zealand" in my view. Photo (Reena) A95

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musicteacher said...

The pictures are beautiful. After seeing the Lord of the Rings movies I've thought how beautiful it must be there and would like to visit some day (I know there is a lot more there than what is in the movies, but it was the catalyst for me to think about New Zealand.) I am also camera shopping and looking at the Canon Rebel XT (350D) as I'm on a budget and it is smaller and cheaper than the 20D. I'm tired of what I can get from point and shoot cameras. I'm sure real photographers wouldn't want to settle for this one, but it is a big step up for me and I've been wanting to learn better photography and now that I can do it with digital it should be a lot easier and cheaper to do a lot of experimenting. Hopefully I'll end up with some pics as nice as yours.