Thursday, 29 June 2006

Byron Bay Queensland Photo 20D Posted by Picasa

Byron Bay lighthouse Queensland Australia . Photo 20D  Posted by Picasa

Something Reena found on her walk .... Photo A95 Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Southern Alps at sunset viewed from the Summit Road, Christchurch. (temp below zero) Photo S2 IS (just before the cold got my batteries !) Posted by Picasa

Canterbury Plains at sunset from the Summit Road (light snow falling ) Posted by Picasa

Sunset from the sign of the Bellbird , Summit Road Christchurch (temperature below zero) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Geothermal lake in Rotorua . Scanned print . Posted by Picasa

Lake edge, geothermal area Rotorua. Scanned print  Posted by Picasa

Geothermal lake in Rotorua (North Island) . Photo Scanned print (yes these are true colours !)  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Some of Auckland's central city (North Island) from the Sky Tower, in stark contrast to Fiona's wonderful photos from the South Island mountains. Photo Jim Pro 90 IS (grey wash is from strong window tinting)
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The glass floor in the Sky Tower in Auckland , not for anybody with height issues . Photo Jim, Pro 90 IS Posted by Picasa

It's hard to imagine a better place away from it all for a hot cup of tea and a bacon and egg breakfast. (You would be cooking it yourself of course). Photo Fiona
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Monday, 5 June 2006

Fiona's full explaination "This photo is after about a 2 hour hike into the Hooker Valley. Just at the base of the Hooker glacier, next to the Hooker Lake. That is Mount Cook in the background - tallest mountain in NZ !! Photo Fiona Posted by Picasa

Yes there are more sheep than people... Photo Fiona Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Lord of the Rings country . Photo Fiona Posted by Picasa

Friday, 2 June 2006

Another great southern alps picture by Fiona.
Full explaination from Fiona
"View from the true left hand side of Mueller lake again looking up at Mt Sefton and the Footstool, the vegetation growing are alpine shrubs mainly hebes and tussock grass."

Southern Alps . South Island . Photo Fiona (once was "Chris's little shadow")
Fiona's full explaination "
Taken from standing on top of a lateral morraine on the true right hand side of the lake looking at the Mueller glacier with the Mueller lake, and in the background the mountains are Mt Sefton the highest point on the left of the photo and the 'Footstool' to the right."

Why we love New Zealand. Photo Fiona . Camera Sony Cybershot.
Fiona's full explaination "
Looking out over the Tasman outwash plain and up through the Tasman valley."