Sunday, 28 February 2010

Muriwai Regional Park - at sunset

Muriwai Regional Park - text below from the ARC web site :
"A windswept rugged coastline, 60km of surf beach and rolling dunes of black sand characterise Muriwai Beach, making it one of Auckland's most popular west coast beaches.

The name Muriwai traditionally applied only to wetlands in the Okiritoto Stream Valley.
The park was established in 1906 as Motutara Domain, taking its name from the rock
stack 'motutara' - island of the sea birds.

The domain was expanded over the years and became Muriwai Regional Park in 1969. Muriwai Regional Park extends from Maori Bay in the south up Muriwai Beach for 8km.
The park includes the spectacular Takapu (gannet) Refuge at Otakamiro Point, one of only three mainland gannet colonies in New Zealand.
The best time to visit the gannets is between October and February. The chicks hatch in November then leave for Australia at 15 weeks old returning to breed when they are 3 and seven years old."

(totally awesome)

Why fishermen drown at Muriwai

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Scandrett Regional park

Monday after work dinner at Scandrett Regional park
(east of Warkworth). As with the other regional park pictures
there would have been a photo of a very nice bacon and
egg pie sitting on the park picnic table if it were not for a cheeky
seagull who swooped and snatched it the second I turned my
back to take the camera out of my back pack.

View from the old farm homestead, right on the beach
no wonder the same family held onto this farm for 130 years.
Well done the  regional council for saving it from the rampant
development in the area and turning it into a park for "everyone"

The old milking shed , what a view !!

Right at the end of this beach there are some iconic
kiwi 1950's bach's  you can rent .

For rent from the regional council - totally awesome

more info :

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dinner at the regional park -Wenderholm

In Auckland we have a number of regional parks , these are free to use and paid from a a regional tax levied on home owners . Its a tiny amount and so worth paying for the parks see

This is what NZ $12 gets you , two huge snapper fillets, chips and a small
can of Watties tomato sauce (iconic kiwi condiment).
Purchase in Orewa (next to the Countdown)
Drive for ten minutes to the park and eat .

The view while eating , note seagull keeping alert
and looking especially hungry !

On the opposite side to the ocean is a large tidal estuary
which makes for  excellent kayaking if you pick your tides correctly