Sunday, 26 July 2015

Inside the Auckland War Memorial Museum

This is what I call a Museum 

 War Memorial hall

When I was at primary School in the 1950's this was the equipment used in the free dental clinics.
Slow speed equipment and pain, lots of pain , and the smell of meths , as a result I am from a generation of the dentist phobic. Not only that, the enthusiastic 'preventive" dentistry meant drilling out our molars and filling them with amalgam which with the passage of time and its different expansion rate to enamel means my teeth are full of cracks.  We used to call it the "murder house" because it was a little building separate to the school buildings. 

Of course we ate a lot of chewy sweets and had to be nagged to brush our teeth so maybe my fault .........

Canon 5DmkII

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

At night - Auckland War Memorial Museum - my favourite

 This is actually the back - the renovated part 

 Auckland City from the front of Museum

 Main entrance 

 Front entrance 

West side - still a "work in progress"
Canon 5DmkII and 50D