Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dads House in Leeston - Just southwest of Christchurch.

My dad grew up in this house in the 1920's .

I last visited it in 2007 , sad to say it has seen considerable deterioration since then.

In talking with the son of the present owners the house has been offered to the Leeston Historic Society as well as the local fire brigade - the latter of course would be a sad end to one of the towns oldest buildings.

Dads father fought in WW1 and was one of the lucky ones to make it home although his health and lungs were irreparable damaged - he died when Dad was just four.
He was a Mason (the lodge is still across the road) and according to a newspaper article I have from the time of his death fondly remembered as a kind and generous soul - if my dad was anything to go by I don't doubt it. It feels a little shabby that the town should consider torching his home.

In Auckland this would go for over a million in Ponsonby as an ideal family home for someone with DIY skills.



Saturday, 2 January 2016

Birdlings Flat, Lake Forsyth, Lake Ellesmere and Canterbury Bight

Birdlings Flat - a stony beach as a result of the many Canterbury rivers that enter the ocean along the Canterbury Bight

The view below is an interesting one - I took it from Bossu Road which climbs the hills to the south of Little River and if you had the fortitude would take you to Wainui in the Akaroa Harbour. If you don't want to end up there you can circle back via the Okuti Valley. It was a pretty solid climb to 700m from virtually sea level at Little River for Mums Honda Jazz and as can be seen in the topographic map (the broken line) much is unsealed. Having said that the views are spectacular even on an overcast day and not those seen by many tourists - although I would recommend against this being used by camper vans - there are some very narrow sections with drops to certain death if you go over the side.

(Map LINZ approx 2000) 

Botton right - Lake Forsyth, Middle right - Lake Ellesmere , Left middle - Canterbury Bight