Saturday, 25 June 2016

The end of an era.

Last week I had another work trip to Wellington, source of many blogs in the past. Everything from Eggs Benedict at the West Plaza to the Cable Car and points between.

However with something  over 200 return trips there in the last two decades I shall henceforth be spared the relatively unproductive six hours of travel each one represents as the regional branches of my team (crash analysis) have been restructured out of existence and replaced by one team of brand new people in Wellington. Zero experience vrs over 200 combined years, strategically risky on so many levels that's for sure but certainly cheaper.

I'm taking what my accountant describes as a "gardening break" before reinventing myself and finding a new outlet for my passion for road safety via crash analysis which has kept me enthusiastic for 43 very interesting years.

In the mean time and one last time, Wellington, place I went to high school,  place of tertiary education, where I got my first job, first girlfriend, first car, first flat, first stereo and first LP. Very hard to beat on a good day as they say ....

A grey and gloomy day in Wellington as our new CE delivers a plan for a long overdue restructure across the whole organisation - welcome to my world. 

Cable car tunnel - when I was a student I had a Postie run that started with a trip up the cable car and ended back at the bottom having dropped off 30 bags of mail,  come rain or shine, hot or cold. There were some lovely old seniors along the route who would leave me ice cold drinks in the mail box - back then who would hesitate to drink them ? I'm sure they are all deceased but where ever you are thank you so much :) 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Building opposite my old place of work

Growing by the day, a thousand and one uses for stick-it notes

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

From the Chinese bakery in High Street Auckland City

This is what is known as "fresh raw chocolate" in Hong Kong and because I don't know what raw chocolate is like except in the form of coco powder which is largely inedible I was curious.

This is definitely "delicate" in a fluffy,  creamy, sweet "I could eat a kilogram of this without blinking" kind of way but "raw" chocolate, probably not.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Cave at Whatipu

Not too long a walk from the carpark at the end of the road, maybe 15 or 20mins there is a really decent sized wave cut cave at the bottom of what was once the sea coast cliff.

Also some really interesting exposed stone formations for the geologists. Its been a long while for me since I studied such things but I always find them so interesting.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


At Whatipu - just 40m from Auckland CBD