Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Coatsville Market

Coatsville  is a small rural settlement about 30km to the north and slightly west of Auckland characterised by large well developed lifestyle blocks and a focus on things equestrian.

Every first Sunday in the month (except Jan) there is a market at Coatsville (Link).

In size it is similar to the Takapuna Market (Auckland Markets ) although there was not the prevalence of the second-hand goods seen in Takapuna.

Parking however is terrible with only on-street, meaning on the side of the main highway or adjoining rural roads. Great care therefore needs to be taken when walking to and from the event especially if the weather is not good. To their credit they have made good attempts at traffic management but this is a busy rural through road.

The day we visited it was a rare sunny rather cold winters day and it was packed even though these pictures don't show it as such.

I would describe it as very well organised with a high standard of comestibles on display although by and large I would have said more expensive and did not not have the same amount of fruit and vegetables as other markets.

Seafood Paella - very similar to what I'd seen in the Parnell "French" Market. French Market

Apparently his "mums" baking, they did look really good and they would need to be at $5 each.

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