Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Recycling the former Airforce staff accommodation

In the time that Hobsonville was a fully functioning airbase these homes were on-base as staff accommodation. My friend Phil who now lives in Sydney grew up in one of these when his dad was stationed on base before transferring to Ohakea (north of Wellington).

These homes have been saved from destruction are in their original location but totally renovated and extended. There is another row which are being lifted, "re-foundationed" and lowered and sold as-is to renovators.
They are in stark contrast to the massive "terrace" type of dwellings being constructed all over what was the former base and runway.

This is the only one in this street moved on site 

Phil one of these might be yours - the area has changed so much since our 2013 visit I can't recognise any landmarks - but I do remember it being at the western end of the street. The garages are new.


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