Thursday, 24 November 2016

Family connection with the history of flight in NZ - Lower Waitohi School Class of 1888-89

Photo on display in a cafe in Pleasant Point  - in the original Post Office (highly recommended as an eating place - home of the famous Deneath custard slice) , it was in a larger display about Richard Peace who some believe flew a powered flight before the Wright brothers Richard_Pearse.

However what was more interesting was the Currie family in the same class photo. They were my mothers, fathers, mothers brothers and sisters - Tilly, John and Jeanie - that is some of my mothers great Aunts and Uncles. I also think Lizzie McClintock was a relative on mums side. Interesting what you find when you least expect it.

Aoraki / Mt Cook on a rare good day

Note the strong blue of Lake Pukaki is a result of the fine glacial rock flour that is in suspension in the water and the way this reflects the sky.

Tekapo sunset

The infamous Lake Tekapo Lupins

These are the infamous Tekapo Lupins an introduced plant spreading across the Mackenzie country in the South Island . see War-of-the-lupins

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Karioitahi Beach

Ten minutes west of Waiuku township or roughly an hour from Auckland City is Karioitahi Beach, another of the black sand beaches.
There is a restaurant over-looking the beach, the only one I can think of on the Auckland west coast with this amazing view. Prices looked a little high but I did sample something off their mid day menu, unfortunately it fell short of the menu description, not that it wasn't "OK". I would much rather the plate over-deliver on the menu than the other way around. Having said that service, table settings etc was very good.

On a very windy and stormy day 

Its an ill wind that brings no good as they say and here was me thinking
people learnt to hang glide by running down small hills before leaping off a cliff.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Cornwall Park - Auckland

Cornwall Park is a haven a tranquillity in right in the heart of Auckland. The park features fine specimen trees, beautiful garden beds, panoramic summit views, grazing sheep and cattle, free summer and winter events, guided walks, free gas/wood barbecues.

The park is well used even on a week day, parking at the weekend is a little tricky especially around lunch time. Like many of the regional parks there are sheep and cattle in the park and they are very friendly - despite appearances ( see photo below with car) the cattle are separated from the people.

There is a brief description here Wikipedia

Natives, don't quote me but I think these are Kahikatea 

Mature olives trees 

Very tame cattle 

Mature Eucalyptus