Monday, 30 January 2017

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens Exhibition 2017

Located just 45 minutes from Auckland on SH 16  - just north of Kaukapakapa - is the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens ,  Garden Centre and Cafe.

There is an easy undulating walk mainly in shade past 40 different sculptures - I'm not going to comment on them because my taste isn't everyones.

In the garden centre (really healthy looking plants) there is a small cafe with an understandably limited selection but there are lots of picnic spaces in the shade.  I went with a couple of 80+'s one on a walking frame so should be easy for most.

Highly recommended (small entry fee) for a morning or afternoon out.

Jane and Mario Downes "Insect Grasses"

Vivienne Thomson"Seagrass 1"

Ian Fewtrell "Goats"

Community Project "Blooming plastic bags" 

Darryl Fagence (I think)  "Tidal"

Rebecca Rose "Nets"

(View of Kaipara Harbour in the background)

Aaron Frater "Markers of place"

I wasn't able to identify the artist but this was one of my favourites - very simple and clever execution   (below) - I thought .

Margaret Johnston "In your face"

Saturday, 28 January 2017

North Head - Devonport

North Head  located in the suburb of Devonport boasts a military history dating back to 1855 and the "Russian Scare" and all wars since. As a result and in its present form as a historic reserve it offers many easy walks with amazing views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf. Many old above and below ground installations to look at  - bring a torch.

There is an excellent cafe at the nearby Torpedo Bay Navy Museum.

Inside one of the many installations that give one a sense the hill is a honey comb.

Tunnel (one of many) carved out of the hillside 

Cheltenham Beach (to the north) 

View back to the City (to the south-west)

Rangitoto  Island and the Hauraki Gulf (to the east)

East facing old gun emplacements - not a bad view for a workplace.

Well worth a visit.

For my "foster" dad

David Ives Ertel passed away today in 2013 aged 83. 


Past President, Director (seven shows), actor (25+ productions) , backstage worker and tireless committee member of the  Cue Theatre in Inglewood Taranaki.

2007 with Jim

Friday, 20 January 2017

Indian Motorcycles and Kiwi's

I'm not sure what it is with Indian Motorcycles and Kiwis but I saw these out at Shelly Beach a week back and I have to say that's a LOT of motorcycle. There must have been about ten all up.

By the look of them the owners must clean them with a toothbrush, immaculate!!!

My dad said he rode an Indian bike in the army (back in the 1940's) although I've yet to find a picture however it must have been like this one owned by his best buddy Len Drake.

(Len Drake) 

New Zealand is of course home to the "Worlds Fastest Indian" Burt Munro (Wikipedia) and Burt Munro (

Friday, 13 January 2017

"Volume" part 3

Split Enz - saw them live in the 1970's awesome energetic stage presence

Student radio - spawned so many great presenters some of whom went mainstream and can now be found many years later on National radio. 

I listened to a solid diet of 95BFM for years (and years) I liked the freshness of student radio .

and finally a pretty hip little merchandise shop 

Volume - Part 2

OMC - I recently saw a Youtube clip describing Pauly Fuemana as a "one hit wonder" which was pretty unfair and of course their ignorance was shown in their inability to even spell his name correctly. Four million copies world wide from this tiny island - get real. I've got the CD and have played it endlessly.

Salmonella Dub - one of my personal favourite groups 

Auckland War Memorial Museum exhibition "Volume" - A history of kiwi music (part one)

I've always been an avid follower of local music (66 CD's in my collection and many LP's) which is a lot of music for a country of 4 million people and my collection only scratches the surface.
It was with great interest then that I went along (twice) to what turned out to be an excellent exhibition at the Auckland Museum on that subject.

Don't take my word for it if you are in Auckland get a long and have a look yourself.

Of note for me is the attention to detail in this, the 1950's floral wool carpet found in so many kiwi homes, the old power points, the china cabinet, the ducks on the wall, the black and white TV and of course Peter Sinclair hosting our very own rock and pop show "C'mon in the late 1960's. Slightly disturbing when ones teenage youth becomes a museum piece.

The multi talented Bic Runga and her hand written words for "Sway".

Old amps 

Live music 29 Jan one man and a whole slot of sampling