Friday, 13 January 2017

Auckland War Memorial Museum exhibition "Volume" - A history of kiwi music (part one)

I've always been an avid follower of local music (66 CD's in my collection and many LP's) which is a lot of music for a country of 4 million people and my collection only scratches the surface.
It was with great interest then that I went along (twice) to what turned out to be an excellent exhibition at the Auckland Museum on that subject.

Don't take my word for it if you are in Auckland get a long and have a look yourself.

Of note for me is the attention to detail in this, the 1950's floral wool carpet found in so many kiwi homes, the old power points, the china cabinet, the ducks on the wall, the black and white TV and of course Peter Sinclair hosting our very own rock and pop show "C'mon in the late 1960's. Slightly disturbing when ones teenage youth becomes a museum piece.

The multi talented Bic Runga and her hand written words for "Sway".

Old amps 

Live music 29 Jan one man and a whole slot of sampling

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