Monday, 30 January 2017

Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens Exhibition 2017

Located just 45 minutes from Auckland on SH 16  - just north of Kaukapakapa - is the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens ,  Garden Centre and Cafe.

There is an easy undulating walk mainly in shade past 40 different sculptures - I'm not going to comment on them because my taste isn't everyones.

In the garden centre (really healthy looking plants) there is a small cafe with an understandably limited selection but there are lots of picnic spaces in the shade.  I went with a couple of 80+'s one on a walking frame so should be easy for most.

Highly recommended (small entry fee) for a morning or afternoon out.

Jane and Mario Downes "Insect Grasses"

Vivienne Thomson"Seagrass 1"

Ian Fewtrell "Goats"

Community Project "Blooming plastic bags" 

Darryl Fagence (I think)  "Tidal"

Rebecca Rose "Nets"

(View of Kaipara Harbour in the background)

Aaron Frater "Markers of place"

I wasn't able to identify the artist but this was one of my favourites - very simple and clever execution   (below) - I thought .

Margaret Johnston "In your face"

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