Saturday, 28 January 2017

North Head - Devonport

North Head  located in the suburb of Devonport boasts a military history dating back to 1855 and the "Russian Scare" and all wars since. As a result and in its present form as a historic reserve it offers many easy walks with amazing views of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf. Many old above and below ground installations to look at  - bring a torch.

There is an excellent cafe at the nearby Torpedo Bay Navy Museum.

Inside one of the many installations that give one a sense the hill is a honey comb.

Tunnel (one of many) carved out of the hillside 

Cheltenham Beach (to the north) 

View back to the City (to the south-west)

Rangitoto  Island and the Hauraki Gulf (to the east)

East facing old gun emplacements - not a bad view for a workplace.

Well worth a visit.

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