Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Brents' Guitar

Guitar hand made by my friend Brent Piggott -  Full detail of build

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rangitoto from North Head

Rangitoto Island from the beach below North Head

Devonport Museum

Tucked away at 33A Vauxhall Road is the Devonport Museum. Their web site

A single large space filled with memorabilia from the area including interesting old maps of the area.

Note the opening hours - not every day and not all day. Very much worth a visit - give yourself 1-2 hours

Quite an interesting cookbook collection - this one proving that Kiwi's have been eating "foods of the world" for a lot longer than we get credit for! 

Anawhata Beach

Anawhata Beach is one of the least accessible beaches on the west coast of Auckland in part because of the long gravel road leading to a car park some distance from and above the beach, in contrast to the far more accessible Piha to the south.

Despite the magic of Photoshop on the day I visited it was pouring with rain so I did not walk down to the beach from the car park. The car needed some serious time in the power wash to remove the layers of mud from the unsealed road. Never the less - I'll be back.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Devonport - past and present

I found this old map in the Devonport Museum and compared it to the present day - where I wonder did all the material come from for the reclamation!!

This is some time in the 1800's (will update later if I can establish a date)

Same image 2016

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Joan and David's Glass

From the glass blowers who worked for a time in Inglewood Taranaki 

Possibly Murray Hill

Most probably Chuck and Leslie Simpson both of whom have died as a result of the toxic fumes from making Iridised glass 

Tony Kuepfer

This is a possible reference Inglewood glass see also Murray Hill and Kuepfer's Bottles