Friday, 10 March 2017

Coffee explained

There was a time in Auckland NZ (1980) when the nearest place you could get a decent coffee was Sydney (Australia), I know that because I lived in both countries that year.

We are now awash with good coffee thanks to our many small roasters and our quality fresh milk.

One of my favourites is Altura in Albany ( and even though I lived next door to one of its founders for 15 years that doesn't make me biased - they serve an excellent brew and their cafe food is outstanding.

Another of the local brands is Columbus , these operate on a slightly different model with franchise cafe's often found inside our also locally owned Mitre10 hardware outlets.

(Eggs Benedict with Salmon - excellent ) 

I was in Columbus Albany (Mitre 10) this morning having lunch (above) and finally I found the real answer to a question my other half has been pestering me about for some time "what is the difference between this coffee and that" in the form of a large poster on their wall, which I can't do justice to here.

However here is what I could glean:
  • Short Black - 30ml shot expresso
  • Long Black - 60ml shot expresso and 90ml hot water
  • Americano - 30ml shot expresso and 120ml hot water
  • Flat White - 30ml shot expresso and 145ml hot velvety milk 
  • Vienna - 60ml shot of expresso, 80ml hot water , add whipped cream
  • Macchiato - 30ml shot expresso and half a tablespoon of velvety milk
  • Cappuccino - 30ml shot expresso and 145ml steamed milk - thick textured milk
  • Mochacciono -- 30ml shot expresso , 145ml steamed milk, 15grams chocolate powder and top with thick textured milk
  • Latte - 60ml shot expresso and 165ml steamed milk
  • Latte Royale - 60ml shot expresso, 150ml steamed milk with 15ml flavouring syrup
  • Mocha Latte 60ml shot expresso, 165ml steamed milk with 20grams Belgium chocolate
  • Ristretto - A shot that has been stopped half way through its extraction - an upfront, sweet expresso shot 
Of course this is the starting point as most cafes I know will for sure serve you double and half strength brews of Flat Whites and Latte's etc. 

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