Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hobsonville Point

Hobsonville Point is a new Auckland green fields development spanning a large area that was formerly the Hobsonville Airforce base.

This is intensive living without going to the extreme of the high-rise.

There is a ferry service to Auckland CBD from the old flying boat base and a farmers market adjacent (Saturday and Sunday) - I had the best seafood chowder I've eaten in decades from a vendor there over the weekend.

I have previously posted about the recycling of the old airforce buildings in the area Previous post

There is clearly an approved colour palette across the whole development similar in "earthy" colours to that of the newer part of the Omaha development.

Although many of these homes are occupied there is a stark, grim bleakness in the lack of human activity except for hundreds of yellow vested builders. Above - the main street.


Kylie Hewitt said...

10 years ago, Hobsonville point was just a piece of huge land and now many units are around this area. It can accommodate thousands families but interestingly I have not seen many trees there.

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Chris Hewitt said...

You are welcome