Sunday, 21 January 2018

Mobile posting

As a long time blogger I was originally able to post via the Blogger mobile app however for what ever reason Google have not been supporting this app despite lots of comments on the blogger user forums. This in stark contrast to when I started blogging and you could communicate with a real human at Google. 

Anyway having given up on the “blogger app” - it doesn’t work with IOS 11 anyway and tried other mobile blogging apps and not been happy I stumbled over "Blog Touch" -  highly recommend by others, (realistically you need the Pro version) . Here is a link to the designer Blog Touch 

Hence this “test” post of a Salmon dish and an eggs Benidict from a local cafes  taken with an Phone 6sPlus.

Image sizing is a a little tricky and I can't get the images to centre ( might be operator error) but image quality seems really good compared to other apps I have tried.  The other issue is that you can't click on an image and get a bigger version in the blog itself. All this aside glad to be "mobile again". 

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