Sunday, 18 February 2018

Auckland Harbour Bridge

There has been a project running to light up the Auckland Harbour Bridge (Vector) in a more sustainable way than similar projects overseas.  This is via solar energy, batteries etc - although since the majority of our power is generated sustainably (- hydro, wind and geothermal) this feels more a PR exercise than something innovative and meaningful to the majority of Kiwis.

There is a (very) short "show" at 9pm each night which can be seen from vantage points around the city. The show includes a number of "chasing light" (moving) sequences which I wasn't able to photograph meaningfully.

The photos below were taken "hand held" from the Sky Tower and although the tower is an excellent view point it is less than ideal for photographs as it is "through glass". There are ways to mitigate this obstacle but from what I saw in the Tower there will be a lot of people getting home very disappointed with their pictures due to the internal reflections.

At twilight - a purple glow (above)

At the end of the "show" the bridge lighting rests in this red (below) - maybe not very day but at present it's the Chinese New Years so that may account for the colour.


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