Sunday, 4 February 2018

Kodak Vest Pocket Camera

The Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic ( Historic camera ) was my Dads first camera acquired second hand just before WW2. He took it with him to Canada (pilot training) and then to the UK.

I'm not sure which year Dads was manufactured but it's somewhere between 1915 and 1926 - it has a serial number 845021.

Not especially large and easily fitting in ones pocket.

Everything is still in working order.

Rear "window" opened to show where the user could write on the film with the metal "pen" this is still attached in its holder. 

A couple of examples of photo's taken with this camera. They are contact prints, that is the same size as the negative. With only two shutter speeds available 1/25th and 1/50th there wasn't a hope of halting the motion of all individuals in the frame (above).

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