Monday, 26 March 2018

Cuba Street Wellington

When I lived in Wellington (late 1960's - late 1970's) Cuba street was always the centre of the quirky off beat / student crowd.

While many of the other smaller streets have, over the passing decades, been swallowed up in a frenzy of street "improvements" Cuba Street has retained it character.

On my frequent work trips to Wellington between 1996 and 2016 I used to often wander from my hotel to Upper Cuba street and be transported back to my student days and time spent living in the inner city.

Recently they celebrated the Cuba Street Festival News piece

Photos below kindly supplied by Colin McLeod Morrison  (Sony RX1R - straight from the camera) 

"I like the couple photographing their burgers while opposite the woman is absorbed in her phone while her partner enjoys some street food and is watching me take the shot. " 

"A Dry-cleaners now a bar, very Cuba St.
Corner of Cuba and Able Smith Streets, opposite where real Groovy Records was until recently ... time and place move but the vibe remains ..." 

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