Thursday, 27 June 2019

Starfish at Muriwai

Only visible a short time either side of low tide at Muriwai.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Very dramatic sky over the Hauraki Gulf

Some very dramatic sky over the Hauraki Gulf day. All taken from North Head.

Looking east towards Browns Island 

Above and below looking north east 

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Downtown Auckland the four year building site - so far.

I worked for many years up until mid 2016 in the building just to the right in the photos above and below,  the construction of the City Rail Link started in 2015 along with the demolition of the Downtown Shopping Mall. The mall had been there even before I came to Auckland in 1976 but was a great place for a bit of lunch time shopping as well as a snack in the half decent food hall. 

The building I was in was originally built by the Ministry of Works in 1973 for Air NewZealand but was for as long as I worked there the HSCB Building. A mixture a commercial, central and local government tenants, a few of whom vanished along with their exotic and expensive (someone else's money) cars from the basement car park with the global financial crisis. The latest move by the current owners is to evict the tenants and turn the whole place into apartments, north facing ones above level 6 will have great unrestricted views over the harbour. Below level 6 you'll see the side of the ferry building - buyer beware. 

You can dress it up with neon but it's still horrible.

Neon - Downtown Auckland

I could not work out what this was advertising - downtown Auckland but you have to admire the flare in an otherwise drab and road works strewn part of town.